New Paper Published


A new paper has beem published on Chemistry of Materials Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Electric field–induced magnetochiral dichroism in a ferroaxial crystalTakeshi Hayashida, Kenta Kimura and Tsuyoshi Kimura Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 120,  e2303251120 (2023). Go to article page

The 14th APCTP Workshop on Multiferroics


From October 19 to 21, 2023, we will be holding the 14th APCTP Workshop on Multiferroics, an international workshop on multiferroics, at the Takeda Frontier Science Building on the Asano Campus of the University of Tokyo. We look forward to your participation.

New Paper Published


A new paper has beem published on Chemistry of Materials Chemical Switching of Ferroaxial and Nonferroaxial Structures Based on Second-Order Jahn–Teller Activity in (Na,K)2Hf(BO3)2Takayuki Nagai,and Tsuyoshi KimuraChem. Mater. 35, 4109-4115 (2023). Go to article page

New Paper Published


A new paper has been published on Journal of the American Chemical Society. Chemical Aspect of Displacive-Type Ferroaxial Phase Transition from Perspective of Second-Order Jahn–Teller Effect: NASICON Systems as an ExampleTakayuki Nagai, Yasuhide Mochizuki, Suguru Yoshida, and Tsuyoshi KimuraJ. Am. Chem. Soc. xx, xxx-xxx (2023). Go to article page

Notification of labratory movement


From April 2023, Kimura Laboratory will move from Kashiwa Campus to Hongo Campus. Please note that contact details and other information have changed. Those who wish to work in our group in the master’s and doctoral programmes will be required to apply to Department of Applied Physics, School of Engineering . Doctoral students will also be accepted from the Department of Materials Science, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences.

Call for Project Researcher


We are recruiting project researchers (Deadline: November 30). For more information, please click here

New B4 Members


New B4 students Keito Arakawa and Yutaro Otake joined our lab. Members